Singing Bhajans on His 60th Birthday… – By Arnel Ram Dutt

On November 23rd, 1985 (Baba’s birthday), we were singing Bhajans late in the night. Our whole Sai Centre was present, not even one member was absent. It was a melodious night, as Bhajans of the great Avatars were being sung. The Bhajans were held at our house as it was the Sai Centre. The Bhajans started at 09:30 pm. and ended at 01:30 am. Everyone was tired but was full of joy at the time of the Aarti. The person came forward around the Altar and Baba’s chair and Jhulana, to do Aarti. As she came forward, she noticed something on Baba’s feet in the picture. She bent down to light the Aarti and when she saw at Baba’s feet, numerous drops of Amrit were there. 

She did Aarti very joyfully, as she was lucky to do Aarti on that day and see this miracle. After that my father and I came to do the sacred Aarti around the altar. We were more surprised to see Vibhuti and Kumkum on all the pictures and Murtis (small statues). It was miracle indeed. But there was more. All of a sudden, my dad glanced at Lingams and found Baba’s face crystal clear on it. My dad thought he was alone able to see it. So, when he told me about it, I could also see Baba’s face there. Still more to come! I saw Shiva’s face too in the Lingam! He called devotes to see the phenomenon and they too confirmed that they could see either Shiva or Baba in it. There was crowd around altar for some time. The devotees then went to their respective homes with fully content hearts.

- Arnel Ram Dutt
Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus

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