Sri Sathya Sai: The Indweller – By Aswath Narayan

Sri Aswath Narayan enjoys the 'Sambhashan' with Sri Sathya Sai
There is no limit to the extent to which one can pen down the Leelas (miracles) of our wonderful Lord. He was the magnet of Puttaparthi, the enthraller of our hearts. Blessed were we to get His Darshan (vision), Sparshan (touch) and Sambhashan (conversation). Blessed were we to be His contemporaries. Reliving such sweet moments, I would like to share one such sweet experience. I was doing my post-graduation and it was the time of winter holidays. I had been home to spend time with my parents. After vacation, my parents came to give me a send-off. At that time, my mother said to me, “Aswath, please convey my Pranams to Swami”. Hearing this father remarked, “What are you, some VIP that Swami will receive your Pranams?” My mother felt a bit let down at my father’s comment, but she did not say anything. 

I reached Puttaparthi the next day and was sitting in the Bhajan Hall for evening Bhajans. Swami came inside Bhajan Hall and asked me, “How was your vacation? Are your father and mother happy? Did not your mother tell you to convey her pranams?” Before I could say anything Swami told all these. Swami is Antaryami (Indweller) and He answers and receives the prayers coming from sincere seekers.

I would like to share another sweet moment with the Lord. Swami was visiting Sri Venu Srinivasan’s (Chairman, TVS Motor Company) house in Chennai, 2007. Swami’s convoy (consisting of elders and students) accompanied Swami wherever He went. When we reached his house, we could hear the mellifluous voice of Bombay Jayashree, the famous Carnatic vocalist, singing ‘Krishna Nee Begane Baaro….’ (Krishna come quickly). Swami upon hearing the song remarked in Tamil, ‘Krishnan Vandaache’ (Krishna has come). 

I recall one more incident which testifies to the fact that Bhagavan indeed is the recipient of all prayers (you may pray to which ever form you like). Sai Krishna, a student and a member of Bhajan group, had come to Chennai at this juncture to have Swami’s Darshan. He was not selected as part of the students group privileged to accompany Swami. He was feeling bad at not getting the wonderful and coveted opportunity. He visited a very famous Hanuman temple in Nanganalloor area in Chennai. It is believed that whatever prayer, one makes at the sanctum sanctorum of this temple are bound be answered. So he prayed, “Swami, I have a prayer. You should enquire about me or ask about me in Your stay in Chennai”. How can the prayer go unnoticed by our Lord? Back in Sundaram, the residence of Swami in Chennai, He asked Om Prasad, “How is your friend?” Om Prasad thought that Swami was asking about me and he told my name. Swami said, “Not Aswath, How is your friend? I saw him on My way to Tiruvanmiyur” (the place where Athi Rudra Maha Yagna was conducted in Chennai). Om Prasad immediately realised that Swami was asking about Sai Krishna. Swami had listened and fulfilled the innocent prayers of Sai Krishna. 
Aswath Narayan on the top right (standing)
Om Prasad and Sai Krishna (left first and second)
Swami was so kind that my grandparents also got the opportunity of having Swami’s Darshan. After my grandmother’s demise, Swami told me to bring my grandfather to Puttaparthi, so that He would speak to him. As per Swami’s instruction, my mother got grandfather along with her to Puttaparthi. We had to wait for thirteen days. Swami gave an interview to my mother and grandfather. In the interview, Swami’s interaction with my grandfather was like that of an interaction between two old friends meeting each other after a long time. My grandfather asked Swami, “Swami, I want Anaayaasa Maranam” (easy death). Swami blessed him profusely. After Swami’s physical departure, my grandfather soon was in the last stages of his life. As per his prayer, he had a peaceful death and we were there around him chanting Sai Gayatri. 

Swami is always with us. We have to cherish and relish this aspect always. I want to narrate a very small experience in this regard. I have an uncle who is a staunch devotee of Swami. He was kind enough to teach me car driving. On one such summer vacation, we had arranged the trip in such a way that I would go to Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu and from there drive the car till Coimbatore, my hometown. He told that it would be a good experience to drive the car. I was excited while driving the car. 

My uncle had advised me that going at a speed of 80 kmph on a highway is safe as one will have control over the car. He further said, “If you drive at this optimal speed, Swami will be happy”. I obeyed his instructions and was going at 80 kmph speed. No sooner than uncle had said these words, one Tavera car overtook us. It had a wonderful picture of Swami looking deep into one’s eyes, at the rear side. This was a Leela of Swami we experienced in the middle of a highway in Tamil Nadu, India.

Swami is the Antaryami, the indweller of our hearts, the witness of all our thoughts, words and deeds. I would like to conclude with a prayer: Swami, may all the beings in all the universe receive Your love, light, protection and guidance. May each one of us radiate and reciprocate the love showered by You.

- Aswath Narayan
Student (2002-2007) and currently, Doctoral Research Scholar
Department of Biosciences
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning


  1. Lovely experiences with swami and How blessed are Sai students to have had so much of darshan sparshan and sambhashan ! .
    .It feels as though one sees all these happening infront of the eyes while reading his experiences.Thanks for sharing them.
    Om sri sai ram.

  2. Jai Sairam. Keep the flow of experiences coming, brother.



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