Conversations on Easwaramma Day in Brindavan

Sunday, May 6, 2001

Swami came to the Kalyana Mandapam at 6.12 pm. On the occasion of Easwaramma Day, there was a drama by the Bangalore Bal Vikas children entitled ‘Krishna-Trishna’. A note regarding the drama had been circulated. Seeing the note, Swami asked…

Swami : What is the meaning of Trishna?

Students : Thirst.

Swami : Thirst for Krishna?

Prof. A. K. : It means ‘Love for Krishna’.

Swami : Yes that is correct. (Turning to a student) Which class are you studying?

Student : Finished M.Sc.

Swami : Now?

Student : I want to do Ph.D.

When a girl came on to the stage and introduced the drama, Swami told the students sitting around Him that the drama was based on a Chinna Katha. 
Draupadi tying the piece of cloth on Krishna's finger
In the drama, there was one interesting scene wherein Krishna was cutting sugarcane for the Pandavas on the occasion of Sankranti when He accidentally cut His finger. Swami told the Belgium princes sitting near Him, “While all other queens went to fetch a cloth piece to stop the bleeding, Draupadi tore her new saree and tied it around the wound. She had no second thoughts. Therefore Krishna came to her rescue when she needed Him the most.” At the end, Swami graciously agreed to pose for a group photograph with all the participants and blessed them profusely.

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  1. Sairam. This is wonderful. The picture is a delight to see. :) Thank you so much.



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